[Samba] Problem getting share list from NetApp

Peter Gordon peter at pg-consultants.com
Mon Jan 16 14:48:42 GMT 2006

We defined a share, sales_cifs_test, on our NetApp server. Note that the
length of the name is longer than 13 characters. 

We can see the share with Microsoft Explorer.

We can mount the share from Linux using smbmount.

What we want to do is to get a list of shares from NetApp. The tools
that can do this are the samba programs smbclient and net. 

  Smbclient will not show names longer than 13 characters.

  The following command gives a share list, but again, does not include
names longer than 13 characters.

  net  net -W YOURDOMAIN --user='user%password' -w YOURDOMANIN -S

 The command 
 net  net -W YOURDOMAIN --user='user%password' -w YOURDOMANIN -S

 is the samba command that gives a list of shares, even if they have
long names. The problem is that we can't get it to access NetApp

We have searched both the Netapp site and the Samba site and can't find
anything that is relevant.

We would really appreciate an answer as to why the command is failing.



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