[Samba] winbind without localuser account

Geoffrey Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Thu Jan 12 01:37:58 GMT 2006

Paul Matthews wrote:
> hi there,
> i'm trying to get my winbind working without having a local account
> on the machine, but it's just not working for me 
> can someone show me an example of a pam module that requires only a
> Active directory password.(i'm working with /etc/pam.d/dovecot) 
> i can use my AD password as long as i have a local account, but i
> don't want to have a local account. 

For samba on debian this works:

auth            sufficient      pam_winbind.so
auth            required        pam_unix.so nullok
account         sufficient      pam_winbind.so
account         required        pam_unix.so
session         required        pam_unix.so
password        required        pam_unix.so

Also what do the getent & wbinfo tests show?  Do they work?

Regards Geoff Scott

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