[Samba] Samba and Active directory

Bruno Gola brunogola at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 17:44:10 GMT 2006

Hello guys :-)

Last week I was configuring a samba server here in my linux box to act as a
AD Domain member. Using Samba, kerberos5 and winbind i finally did it. Now,
i have another problem, for each machine that i wanna do this, i need to add
this machine in the Win2k AD Server (with the command net ads join -UAdmin
etc) but, the problem is that i dont have the permission (or the admin
account) to do this, so everytime i create a new machine in vmware i need to
call the infra structure guys, and i dont want this, so the solution was, to
create a new samba server that will be a domain controller, and my Virtual
Machines would auth against this serverm and this server would auth each
user against the AD.

  $USER auth           check the $USER and passwd @ AD
VM ---------> Samba -------------------------------------> AD

Resuming, the AD will be just a passwd server for samba.

Does anyone knows if it is possible? Is there a way ?


Bruno Gola

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