[Samba] creating homedir

markus klimke at tu-harburg.de
Mon Jan 9 18:37:09 GMT 2006

Hi Guillaume,

at first the entry seems to be o.k.. The module will only work on a 
local system, i.e. on your SuSE Enterprise Server 8. The module is in 
the default installation of the pam package, so it is for sure 
installed. Check again your log files, there _must_ be an error message 
for a non working and/or missing PAM. Check inside /lib/security whether 
pam_mkhomedir is inside. Look at other configs of pam's if you have to 
edit the full path to the module.

I don't know what you are planning, but it sounds some kind of confusing 
using pam_mkhomedir on a server because no user should have access to it 
via pam (e.g. console, maybe ssh, kde, telnet etc.) If you are setting 
up a Samba Server and wanting to create a not yet existing home 
directory for a user which tries to map it, then you have to edit your 
smb.conf and append something like

root preexec = /usr/sbin/mkhome %u %g

to your home section.


Guillaume wrote:
> hello,
> I'm configuring on a linux suse enterprise server 8 a samba server. I
> have problem with the pam_mkhomedir.so module. i add this line :
> session  required        pam_mkhomedir.so    skel=/etc/skel/ umask=0022
> in the other & login files, but when user connect, it don"t create the
> homedir. does i made a mistake? What is the pam module file i have to
> edit for an automatic creation?
> thanks,
> Guillaume

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