[Samba] WINS question

Damir Dezeljin programing at mbss.org
Wed Jan 4 08:17:29 GMT 2006


Our network is splitted into two dislocated LANs interconnected by VPN.
One LAN is MS based (Win2000 server AD / Mixed Mode), the other one is
Linux based (FC4 + Samba 3.0.10).
Each LAN has its own domain with own WINS server. I established the trust 
between them successfully. Now I would like to set up browsing – mainly 
I would like all users have access to both servers.

Is there a way to 'manually push' remote windows server information 
into Samba WINS server. I guess this way users on the 'Linux LAN' will 
'see' the other (Windows) domain and they will be able to access the 
Win2k server without typing in the exact UNC path in the Windows Explorer 
address field.
What about 'pushing' Linux LAN info to the MS WINS server?

I would like avoiding using an remote WINS server (routing WINS requests 
to the MS WINS) to minimize the VPN traffic.

Any other idea? << BTW: I don't have any MS Server license available.

Thanks and best regards,

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