[Samba] samba 3.0.21a rpc joined domain question

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Jan 5 23:48:24 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 10:30 -0600, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Lee Rocky wrote:
> > Dear all
> > 
> > Version: samba 3.0.21a
> > Server: Windows 2000 mixed  (R2K-PDC)
> > 
> > steps
> > -- net rpc join domain -U administrator%xxxxx , (success joined)
> > -- start winbindd => OK
> > --  wbinfo -u => failed, error message
> >             kerberos_kinit_password RO120$@R2K-PDC.COM failed: Cannot
> > resolve network address for KDC in requested realm
> > ads_connect for domain R2K-PDC failed: Cannot resolve network address for
> > KDC in requested realm
> This is correct behavior now.  Either (a) fix you /etc/krb5.conf file,
> or (b) specifiy --without-ads at configure time.
> Winbindd now always tries to use ldap/kerberos if possible.
> The is part of the auto-detection changes mentioned in the
> release notes.  I agree that this is a slightly incompatible
> change that makes upgrading a little bit more work.  But
> the result is much better compatibility with domains.

(for the list)

As I mentioned on IRC, we might in some situations be able to do
LDAP/NTLMSSP, for greater compatibility.  The code is in sasl.c, but is
disabled by all the current codepaths.

Andrew Bartlett

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