[Samba] can not get preexec option to run a script file

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Wed Dec 27 23:16:33 GMT 2006

James A. Dinkel escreveu:
> I created a script in a file called HomeScript located at
> "/etc/samba/Scripts/".  Now I want to run this from preexec on the
> [homes] share.  This is all that is in the script right now, minus the
> dashed lines:
> ----------------------
> #!/bin/bash
> # Creating home directories
> mkdir --mode=700 /export/homes/%S
> ----------------------
> My preexec option looks like this:
> preexec = /etc/samba/Scripts/HomeScript
> Now if I put the mkdir command directly in the preexec line, then it
> works, but I want to add in checking for the existence of the directory
> and also some other commands and branches.  Anybody see what I am doing
> wrong?
> James Dinkel

Are you using %S inside the script? Probably it wont know what %S is, 
you can pass a parameter like:

preexec = /etc/samba/Scripts/HomeScript %S

and inside the script:

mkdir --mode=700 /export/homes/$1

Another thing, preexec is executed as the user connecting to the share 
if the script needs root rights use root preexec instead.


Edmundo Valle Neto

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