[Samba] XP Clients kicked off Tiger Server - not consistent

James Peach jorgar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 16:39:52 GMT 2006

On 20/12/06, Paul McGrath <J.P.McGrath at leeds.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I am running a Panther Server as a domain controller with a Mac Tiger
> Server (all latest patches) as the location of home folders and group
> shares.  I have one group of users who keep losing connection to the
> server (both home and group folders).  The can only reconnect to the
> server if they logoff the XP client and login again.  I have loads of
> other XP users and Mac clients who do not have this problem.  They are
> all using XPSP2.  I've tried loads of server settings and some XP
> registry settings but it still happens.  Some of these PCs where ghosted
> and I didn't change the SID so I am going to try that next.  Any other

You might have better luck asking the OS X server folk over at

James Peach | jorgar at gmail.com

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