[Samba] Samba <-> Vista RTM interoperability issue

Mav T forsmb at mail.ru
Mon Dec 18 14:09:46 GMT 2006

Hi List!

We've run into interesting problem with Samba and Vista.
In short - there's a Samba server sharing NFS connection. What is shared is the NFS link mounted somewhere in root (say /nfspath) and [homes] which is in fact /nfspath/some/dir. And the problem is that Vista client can write a file onto the share using \\sambaserver\homes\dir notation, but cannot do it using \\sambaserver\nfspath\some\dir notation (which is in fact the same). The reason noted by Vista - no free space, <size of saved file> more  needed on the device.
I've tried that on 3.0.22 and 3.0.23d versions - with the same result. Have someone met that and what could be the reason?


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