[Samba] Joining Domain?

Rick Bilonick rab at nauticom.net
Mon Dec 18 06:05:33 GMT 2006

I'm using FC4 and can see many Windows shares but cannot connect to any
of them. Some of them ask for a username and password some don't and
just say I can't connnect. The main share I need access to and have
permission to connect to never asks for my username and password (on a
Windows box I can access this share). I have used konqueror to see the
shares. I don't get anywhere with smbclient -L. In order to connect to
Windows shares, do I have to have my Linux box join the domain? I've
used Samba a long time ago at a different institution but I haven't
gotten very far at this institution. I've tried using lineighborhood,
smb4k, etc. but it hasn't helped. smbd and nmbd are running. Why is it
so difficult to deal with Windows shares?


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