[Samba] Re: Samba 3.0.23c won't let NT4 access shares

larry omega at portal.ca
Sat Dec 16 01:14:49 GMT 2006

Larry <omega <at> portal.ca> writes:

Followup experiment:

I changed the registry setting on the NT4 box to not allow
unencrypted passwords. Yes, I rebooted.

I then tried to access the samba shares, logged onto the NT box as 
a valid user, with smb.conf set to
encryupted passwords = no
and then with smb.conf set to
encrypted passwords = yes

In each case I got this message on the NT box:

\\Omega300\files is not accessible.
The specified network password is not correct.

I am not asked for a password at anytime while it
is trying to connect.

The practical solution is to replace this box with a more modern one.
But I would still like to find out why it doesn't work.



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