[Samba] Can't mount share DFS fron AD on a Linux Box.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Dec 14 14:56:05 GMT 2006

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benjamin.revel at free.fr wrote:

> When I try to mount that share with the mount.smbfs command :
> # mount -t smbfs //IP_ADDRESS/dc /opt -o username=login, password=pass
> I see all the directories but they are empty so I think I'm on the DFS root.
> When I try to mount it with the mount.cifs command :
> # mount -t cifs //IP_ADDRESS/dc /opt -o username=login, password=pass
> I've got an error "mount error 20 = Not a directory" .
> I can navigate through this share with the smbclient command :
> # smbclient //IP_ADDRESS/dc -o username=user
> What's wrong ?

Neither smbfs nor cifs support DFS currently.

> Another question:
> When opening a session with a domain user login, I do not see Kerberos tickets
> with the klist command ("No tickects cached").
> Is it correct ?

yes.  But read the release notes for 3.0.23 about the
new krb5 support for user logins via pam_winbind.

cheers, jerry
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