[Samba] UNIX credentials for Samba Share

Travis Bullock tbullock at avmax.ca
Wed Dec 13 21:15:50 GMT 2006


For years I have been using my Samba server and authenticating users via winbind to my NT4.0. 

I am now in a situation where I want to provide shares to users who are not domain members. I have created the file shares and the UNIX users/groups that I want to use for this folder structure. I am using the 'setfacl' command to apply the user/groups access rights to the specific folders. 

When a Windows clients browses to these shares, I want them to enter UNIX usernames and passwords that I have supplied. Windows seems inisitent on predicating each username entered with either a Domain or simply their %computername%\username. It will not accept simply 'jdoe'. 

Any way around this? 


Travis Bullock 
Systems Administrator 
Avmax Group Inc. 

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