[Samba] Shares mount on linux but not windows?

Brian Atkins batkins at tlcdelivers.com
Wed Dec 13 13:37:39 GMT 2006

James A. Dinkel wrote:
> Do you get results from "getent passwd" and "getent group" that include
> domain users?


> You valid users directive should be in the form: @"DOMAIN+group name",
> such as @"DOMAIN+domain users" and the part between the quotes should be
> EXACLTY as the group appears with "getent group", same case and
> everything.

Yes, it does, but the woes I'm having are related to users, not groups. 
If I specify:

valid users = @DOMAIN+"Domain Users"

or even

valid users = @DOMAIN+"Domain Admins", @DOMAIN+"Sales Group"

it works just fine. However, if I try to limit it to [a] specific user(s):

valid users = batkins

it fails miserably. The strange thing is that I have a nearly identical 
server with which this configuration works just fine.

Thanks for the response. I was beginning to wonder if my messages were 
going into limbo...

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