[Samba] Compatability Issue?

D Huff dnhuff at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 22:17:12 GMT 2006

No, but now...

If I replace the re-directed host name on the fstab entry with an IP address

//earth/jobs /earth/jobs   cifs   


mount /earth/jobs

works for the first of my several tunnels, but continues to fail on the 
subsequent mounts, which all went to, but different ports.

I feel that my first issue must be related to cifs host name resolution 
and my FC5/cifs combo must deal with that differently than RHEL3/samba 
did. The nsswitch.conf allows all info to be found in files.

Must I be running nmbd, and do I need to do something to tell it how to 
find a tunnel to the other network?

thanks again,
James Zuelow wrote:
> samba-bounces+james_zuelow=ci.juneau.ak.us at lists.samba.org wrote:
>> I am working with a host that is running RH enterprise 4 (a
>> 2.4 kernel) and
>> a desktop running Fedora Core 5 (a 2.6 kernel).
>> I can not get my CIFS fstab file entry to mount, yet my
>> matching RH ent 4
>> laptop mounts it just fine.
> Check the file permissions on mount.cifs and make sure it is executable
> by the user doing the mount.
> (I'm guessing because you have noatuo and users in your fstab options)
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