[Samba] modifying file permissions

Gary R. Day grday at grday-home.net
Fri Dec 8 11:15:34 GMT 2006


     I have smbd 2.2.7 running on a Redhat Linux 9.0 system
from which I am mapping directories onto my Windows XP Professional system.

For the most part everything is working fine.  The one thing that doesn't
seem to work is that of changing permissions on a file from Windows.
I have a user grday in group developer on the linux system with
home directory /home/grday.  I have the smb.conf file shown below.
The share mapps ok, and I can create a file which gets the correct
permissions from the creation mask.  However, when I right-click
the file, and select the security tab from the properties dialog,
and then try to set the write permission for the developer group
I get "access denied" when I click ok.

Also, an oddity is that, unless I put user "nobody" in the
smbpasswd database I get a lot of messages like:

[2006/12/04 16:55:25, 1] smbd/password.c:pass_check_smb(545)
  Couldn't find user 'nobody' in passdb.

I have a similar problem with smbd 2.2.12 running on a solaris 9 system
with a bunch of Windows 2000 clients.  In that case, I got rid of
the nobody messages by putting nobody in the smbpasswd database.
However, I now get a lot of messages like:

[2006/12/04 10:28:46, 0] smbd/service.c:(563)
  Can't become connected user!

The messages don't seem to do any harm, but I'm wondering if they
have anything to do with my inability to change permissions.

here is my smb.conf file.

interfaces =
bind interfaces only = yes
name resolve order = hosts
invalid users = root
null passwords = yes
security = user
       encrypt passwords = yes
log level = 1
max log size = 1000
          lock directory = /var/lock/samba
directory mask = 0755
create mask = 0644
    map archive = yes
          share modes = yes
read only = no
delete readonly = yes
browsable = no

valid users = +developer

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