[Samba] Cannot create writeable share - tried many different things

Tim Boneko lists at boneko.de
Sun Dec 10 18:54:07 GMT 2006

Hello Oscar,
part of the logs looks strange to me, but i can't tell what's wrong. The
most obvious errors are these:

> [2006/12/10 10:58:37, 3] smbd/trans2.c:call_trans2qfilepathinfo(2933)
>   call_trans2qfilepathinfo: SMB_VFS_STAT of test2 failed (No such file or directory)

Don't know why the file can't be found, shouldn't it be text2.txt?

> [2006/12/10 10:58:32, 3] lib/util_seaccess.c:se_access_check(251)
>   se_access_check: user sid is S-1-5-21-3177532594-955680574-4070631933-31588
>   se_access_check: also S-1-22-2-15294
>   se_access_check: also S-1-1-0
>   se_access_check: also S-1-5-2
>   se_access_check: also S-1-5-11

I'm not the samba pro, but SIDs should be longer AFAIK... What does "net
getlocalsid" say?

Apart from that, i don't have much advice at the moment. For further
testing i'd recommend relaxing access control, i.e. removing the "force
user" option and giving write access to anyone. If that works OK then,
you might try the "write list = osc" parameter.


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