[Samba] Can connect to shares via IP but not hostname

Scott samba at troutpocket.org
Thu Dec 7 18:10:43 GMT 2006

John Drescher wrote:
> On 12/7/06, Scott <samba at troutpocket.org> wrote:
>> Last night I upgraded my FC5 to samba-3.0.23c from 3.0.21b.  As a result I
>> can no longer browse shares on the samba server via \\hostname\share\.  I 
>> can, however, access everything as usual via \\\share\.
>> Nothing else in my config has changed.  The hostname resolves from all 
>> machines on the domain correctly so it's doesn't appear to be a name
>> resolution issue.  I can see the root shares on the samba server, but when
>> I try to browse them I get the error:
>> "\\hostname\share refers to a location that is unavailable.  It could be on
>> a hard drive..."
>> I reverted back to 3.0.21b and the error persists.  All clients are having
>> the same identical problem.  TIA.
> Is nmbd running on the server?

Yes.  There are no unusual errors in smbd.log or nmbd.log, either.  I can see 
all the network shares, including those on the samba server, via smbtree.


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