[Samba] what OS do you use for Samba?

James A. Dinkel jdinkel at bucoks.com
Wed Dec 6 21:41:47 GMT 2006

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> From: Chris Smith
> Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2006 12:06 PM
> Ubuntu (Edgy Eft) seems to be stuck at 3.0.22. Which is one of the
> I
> elected not to move to Ubuntu servers - when I first examined the
> possibility
> they were stuck on 3.0.14 for the longest time. Also CUPS, the other
> component I need for supporting Windows clients, on Ubuntu is stuck at
> 1.2.4,
> whereas I run 1.2.7 on Gentoo.
> Do the Sarge releases from the Samba team work properly with this (or
> version of Ubuntu?
> Chris

Ubuntu, and Debian, will always be "stuck" at the version included at
the time of release.  This is by design, so "breakage" is not
introduced, but it does still get security and bug fixes.  Just FYI.

I'm having a problem with "nested groups" (you may have noticed on this
mailing list) and I'm also wondering if updating to the latest Samba and
Winbind would take care of my issue.

Backporting from a newer distro such as Feisty for Ubuntu, or Etch for
Debian, would be one way to manually get the newer packages.  I believe
there is a tool to make backporting easy on Ubuntu, I'm not sure I would
trust this approach though.

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