[Samba] Re: what OS do you use for Samba? (short FreeBSD how-to)

David Schulz mailinglists at tca-cable-connector.com
Wed Dec 6 03:37:51 GMT 2006

i use and love freebsd too, it has served me very well. my main  
fileserver has an uptime of 345 days now.
On Dec 5, 2006, at 6:15 PM, Jon Theil Nielsen wrote:

> Nathan Vidican <nvidican <at> wmptl.com> writes:
>> Anyhow, that's a quick start... try it on your own, and post a more
>> specific question should you run into anything. It really is fairly
>> painless though ;)
>> --
>> Nathan Vidican
>> nvidican <at> wmptl.com
> Hmm, this might be sligthly OT, but does this "howto" exist somewhere
> as a web page? I have been using FreeBSD for a couple a years now
> (mainly as a small scale web server and Samba only for experiments)  
> and
> have been looking for an up-to-date description of how to do LDAP
> authentication both for Samba and the OS.
> I can only agree that FreeBSD is very solid and that the ports system
> makes almost any functionality possible.
> Regards, Jon Theil Nielsen
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