[Samba] Printer Properties Don't Work After Update

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Thu Aug 31 21:46:21 GMT 2006


We recently migrated our Samba server to Samba 3.0.22 and Cups 1.2.2,
running on Debian.

Since the migration, we have noticed an odd problem: Windows clients
that hit the Properties box in their print dialog, then navigate over to
the Driver Settings tab (the one with all the settings from the cups PPD
file), and make changes, will have those changes ignored.  That means
that people can't enable things like Duplex printing, etc.  We have
tried this with both the vendor driver and the CUPS driver going through
Samba, and have problems with both.  Setting these options coming from
pure Linux clients to the CUPS server works fine.

I couldn't find anything in my logs, and google hasn't been helpful
either.  As far as I know, our CUPS and Samba are set up exactly as
suggested in the Samba docs (and we're of course using cupsaddsmb).  Any

-- John

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