[Samba] Samba over IPX - various sites say it works?

alex at kuklin.ru alex at kuklin.ru
Wed Aug 30 14:52:43 GMT 2006

Nigel Gay wrote:
> FYI, the reason I can't use TCP/IP is I connect from my PC into my 
> company's LAN via a VPN.  When connected to the VPN, *all* TCP/IP 
> traffic goes to the VPN, effectively cutting me off from the rest of my 
> own LAN.  Yes, I know that's really an issue with how their VPN is set 
> up, but they won't change it.  Accessing shares on Windows servers works 
> fine, because once it realises it can't connect over TCP/IP, it switches 
> to IPX and works fine.
Nigel, just set up your local routes. It's quite easy :)

// Alex

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