[Samba] Samba over IPX - various sites say it works?

Nigel Gay nigel at roughseas.ca
Wed Aug 30 14:29:32 GMT 2006


I know this question was posted back in 2002/2003, just wondering if the 
answer has changed since then :)

There are various sites which say its possible to run Samba using 
NetBIOS over IPX:


I've tried everything I know to (which admittedly isn't much) and can't 
get it to work (I have Samba working over TCP/IP no problem BTW).

However I've also found conflicting sites that say it doesn't work?  Is 
it possible to use Samba over IPX, or is there any other program besides 
Samba that'll allow me to access files on a Linux (opensuse) box from 
Windows using IPX?

FYI, the reason I can't use TCP/IP is I connect from my PC into my 
company's LAN via a VPN.  When connected to the VPN, *all* TCP/IP 
traffic goes to the VPN, effectively cutting me off from the rest of my 
own LAN.  Yes, I know that's really an issue with how their VPN is set 
up, but they won't change it.  Accessing shares on Windows servers works 
fine, because once it realises it can't connect over TCP/IP, it switches 
to IPX and works fine.

Many thanks,


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