[Samba] Samba 3.0.23b PDC vs NetApp

Roy McMorran mcmorran at mdibl.org
Fri Aug 25 14:40:48 GMT 2006

simo wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 16:23 -0400, Roy McMorran wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've been using the workaround described at
>> http://www.x-tend.be/~fred/howtos/samba3.html#13
>> to allow a NetApp filer to join my Samba domain.
>> Apparently the ability to chain multiple passdb backend entries goes 
>> away with version 3.0.23.  Said workaround seems to rely on this 
>> functionality.  For now I've reverted to 3.0.22, but I wonder if anyone 
>> knows of any alternative ways to join a NetApp to a Samba domain controller?    
> smbpasswd and ldapsam should behave in the same way,
> can you describe what problem do you see with passdb backend = ldap and
> NetApp?
> Simo.
Hi Simo,

Thanks for the reply.  Apologies that this took so long but I had to 
schedule an outage to reproduce the problem. 

When passdb backend = ldapsam and I try to join the NetApp to the Samba 
domain the join fails with the following error:
CIFS - Starting SMB protocol...
***     CIFS Setup could not establish a connection with the Primary Domain
***     Controller (PDC).  Usually this happens when the 'NETAPP' account
***     does not exist in the domain or must have it's password reset.

(the machine account does exist, and I've tried resetting the password.  
Although it's not entirely clear what they want me to to reset it *to* - 
I've tried the password from the smbpasswd file that works, as well as 
no password (null))

You can find a level 10 debug log of the PDC at 

If passdb backend = smbpasswd ?
CIFS - Starting SMB protocol...
Welcome to the MDIBL Windows(R) NT domain

I've also captured this log - see 



Roy McMorran
Systems Administrator
MDI Biological Laboratory
mcmorran at mdibl.org

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