[Samba] Winbind not looking in correct Win2k3 SBS User container

Matt London mlondon at alltec.com
Wed Aug 23 17:47:54 GMT 2006


We've recently upgraded a network from Win2k to 2k3 SBS. We were using
samba with security = domain (which I believe stopped working - I was on
vacation at the time the upgrade was done) and are now using security =

We're using samba-3.0.23b-0.1.35 on SuSE Enterprise Linux Server 9 SP3

The samba machine has been sucessfully joined to the domain with:
kinit Administrator at DOMAIN.COM
net ads join

Winbind is able to spit out a list of users, but it appears to be
listing *only* users found in the DOMAIN.COM\MyBusiness\Users\SBSUsers
container, rather than DOMAIN.COM\Users (which is where all the old
users are).

Obviously this is breaking access to the shares, as samba isn't able to
authenticate users - it's only showing:
DOMAIN+mobile user tmpl
DOMAIN+user tmpl
DOMAIN+power user tmpl
DOMAIN+administrator tmpl
DOMAIN+sbs backup user
DOMAIN+sbs sts worker

If we add a user in the SBSUsers container, it shows up in the winbind
list. If we add a user to the old Users location it doesn't show up.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it's behaving like this?

Best regards,

Matt London

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