[Samba] symlinks on mounted smbfs [signed]

Axel Schmalowsky [c] schmalowsky at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 17:24:43 GMT 2006


I've a samba server running samba-3.0.22 and a samba client running
The samba server houses the home directories of my users, registered on
a W2k PDC.
The home directories are mounted on the samba client and all members of
the group GROUP have rwx-permissions to it.

So my problem is that a group member cannot create symlinks on this
mounted file system. Is there a way to get it allowed?
Since the samba client is running a 2.4-kernel and suse-7.2, I even
cannot operate with posix acls.

To get around this problem, I thought of running nis and mounting the
home dirs via nfs. But I don't know how to map the uid/gid to the one
samba/winbind provides.
My idea is to have only one machine with the homes of my users. There
will be about 10 samba client which should mount from the server.

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