[Samba] How would you setup this config with samba

daniel parkes liquidsmail at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 07:59:58 GMT 2006

Hy people,

There is a friends company, that uses windows XP as a server to share
directories, i am going to change it for a linux box, with Samba, and run a
pdc domain with it, its a simple configuration with 13 computers and the
only thing that they have to get w0rking, is passwd policys, they need that
each month they have to change passwd, it has to be at least 8 characters
long, etc .... I have read there are some new directives in samba and you
can do this kind of things, but i cant find much docs that talk about it,
anyone has tried it out?, any docs they can share?, is it working in samba
3.x?, is it a good idea to make a samba a domain controller?.

Thnx a lot!!

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