[Samba] OS/2 client crash on "Find Close2" - Solved

Andreas Taegener atsamba11 at eideltown.de
Mon Aug 14 12:19:29 GMT 2006

On 09.08.2006, at 13:46, Andreas Taegener wrote:

> On 08.08.2006, at 11:19, Andreas Paulick wrote:
>> Andreas Taegener schrieb:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have just migrated an old OS/2 file server to a Linux box with 
>>> Samba 3.0.23a. Now the OS/2 clients crash from time to time. I found 
>>> a way to reproduce/force the crash using PMMail and did some 
>>> experiments.
>>> The popuplog.os2 on the clients (Warp4 and eComStation) always names 
>>> a sys3175 in pmshell.exe / doscall1.dll.
>>> Using Ethereal and comparing the network traffic between a) a client 
>>> and the Samba server and b) the same client and an OS/2 server (in 
>>> this setup the client doesn't crash) I found at least one difference 
>>> in the SMB protocol. It is the "Find Close2 Response" SMB message.
>>> [snip]
>> The sys 3175 in pmshell at accesses sounds to me like broken 
>> EA-Support. Especially Pmmail and WPSWizard struggles at the loss of 
>> EAs.  The only solution I have found so far is a downgrade to Samba 
>> 3.0.18? (I dont know the exact the last working version) where the 
>> EAs still works.
> I looked at the EA stuff and you might be right. There is a difference 
> in the logs regarding the EAs of PMMAIL.INI (OS/2 ini format). I have 
> sent Guenther some log files. Maybe he finds something.

The problem is solved. The real reason for the crash was a problem with 
the handling of EAs. Find_Close2 was just some coincedence, sorry.
Jeremy and kukks have analyzed it and created a patch which solved the 

Many thanks Jeremy and kukks.


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