[Samba] Winbind/LDAP and Samba

Anni Evanoff aevanoff at pdx.edu
Thu Aug 10 21:50:32 GMT 2006



Can I configure NSS on Samba to use both LDAP and winbind together or does
it have to be one or the other?  We use LDAP in our unix environment but I
need winbind to manage objects/accounts through active directory on my Samba
member server (non-PDC), or do i?  I am afraid to eliminate LDAP on this
Samba server because it may break its identity resolution with the current
config we have on this network and I may not be able to access it. Turning
on the winbind service with defaults resolved SIDs in the ACL dialogs in
Windows so I know I am going to need it.


Anni Marie Evanoff

Windows System Administrator

CST/OIT-Portland State University 




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