[Samba] Latest Samba for SuSE 9.0 ?!?

Rory Vieira rory.vieira at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 14:42:28 GMT 2006


> smbfs support has just been dropped from the newest
> 2.6 kernels, and cifs lanman support to replace it isn't done baking
> yet.
Bullocks.... what a load of !@#$%^&* crap.
Why remove something used SO MUCH and not have a replacement ready!!!

I'' be sticking to 2.6.9 LOL

Microsoft is getting their ass kicked because they don't do much on
integrating Windows with other systems, and now I hear they are going
to do the same on the Linux end? Damn this is bad... (from my oppinion
at least)...

But anyway...  thanks again.
Rory Vieira
rory dot vieira at gmail dot com

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