[Samba] Setup Windows XP to print to CUPS printer on FC5

Jack Gates jlgates at charter.net
Wed Aug 9 23:03:22 GMT 2006

I am quite sure this question has been asked before but I can't find 
anything in the archive and Google does not turn up anything useful.

I have Fedora Core 5 with an HP LaserJet 5L printer connected to the 
LPT port.  I also have the CUPS printer queue shared.

I am trying to setup up a Windows XP laptop with wlan on my home 
network to be able to print to that printer.

I have little understanding of how to make samba work.  I have found a 
lot of information but most of it does not help me or make sense to 

I only want the win xp box to have access to the printer and nothing 

Do I have to setup a user account between FC5 and XP to make this 

I no basically nothing about XP.  I don't know if I have FC5 
configured to allow XP to see the printer.

I have spent 9 hours trying to figure out how to setup two different 
OS and samba and one printer to work on both OS.  I have made no 
progress in completing my objective.  I don't know which way is up 
right now.  Can some one help me?


Jack Gates http://www.morningstarcom.net/

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