[Samba] Samba share access error Fedora core 5

Pavan p.krishna at inlink.com.au
Wed Aug 9 23:26:15 GMT 2006

Hi Tim,
     Thanks for that, It have solved my problem. Hope this will be
useful for people on the list using FC 5.

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I had this exact same problem with my Fedora Core 5.  It's actually a
documented problem with the way Fedora Core 5 uses a system known as
which is on by default.

Try issuing the command 'setenforce 0' and see if that makes a

Quoting Pavan <p.krishna at inlink.com.au>:

> Hi,

       I have samba PDC running successfully on my server with 3
physical volumes running Fedora Core 5.
       Physical Volume 1 - OS installation
       Physical Volume 2 - All Company file shares
       Physical Volume 3 - Backup of files.
      I am facing a weird problem or may be somewhat unique to samba or
Fedora, that  I cannot access shares that are mounted and shared by
samba from the client machines from the Physical volumes 2 & 3. I just
receive an error as "Network Path cannot be found" including for the
samba domain administrator i.e. root. All users can access the shares
directly on the server.
Can anyone help me to overcome this problem??
Thanks in advance, I really spent more than 4hrs troubleshooting this.

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