[Samba] disabling roaming profiles for some networks only

John Mason jmason at lim.com
Tue Aug 8 15:19:05 GMT 2006

Good point.

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On Tue, 8 Aug 2006, John Mason wrote:
> What about also enabling roaming profiles, but doing folder redirection?
> I use it and so it take much less time since each machine is configured
> to mount their my documents, desktop, etc. which makes their profile
> large rather than include them in the profile.

I don't think that would work so well for our environment.
The issue isn't the space used in the profile.  It's the speed
at which it can be copied over and back.  Turning folders
like the desktop into mounts from the server would prevent
slow logons, but in exchange what we'd get is files on the
desktop taking minutes to open after someone had logged in.

The pipe between the offices is about 1.5 megabit/s bandwidth
with a latency of about 70 ms, and this makes access to
files over SMB (or CIFS) really slow.  I'd *love* to improve
responsiveness of the server, but my guess is that the protocol
just doesn't deal with latency very well (most file sharing
protocols don't), so no amount of tuning is going to make a
huge difference.

Plus, of course, if you open a 10 megabyte file over a 1.5
megabit/s link, the theoretical best time you're ever going
to see is about 53 seconds.  And people do put 10 megabyte
files on their desktops.

   - Logan
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