[Samba] Trouble installing applications from samba share using Windows Vista

samba at scheeder.de samba at scheeder.de
Tue Aug 8 08:23:02 GMT 2006

sboydlns at gmail.com schrieb:

>I am having trouble installing applications onto a Vista machine from
>a Samba 3.0.23a share.  I keep getting a Windows error telling me that
>the network path could not be found after I double click setup.exe.
>I can copy the files from the share to my local hard drive and install
>no problem.  I can also copy them to a W2K share and install from
>there no problem. So, it seems the be Samba related.
>Everthing else that I have tried with Samba and Vista seems to be
>working.  I can execute other programs from the share, for example.
>Has anyone else noticed this problem?  And have a solution?
yes i have seen this behavior from time to time on win-XP/win2k/win98, 
for older installers.
i guess it is a problem of the installer using a mix of systemcalls to 
access the files
intermixing long filenames and short ones, and confusing samba at this 
AFAIR i have seen this behaviour on w2k-Server-shares too.

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