[Samba] windows 2000/xp authentication through samba/ldap?

Mike mikee at mikee.ath.cx
Tue Aug 8 00:18:18 GMT 2006

I run the computers in a small shop and want to change my users
from using the local accounts on their windows boxes to a central
account managed through ldap (openldap). I now have samba working
with ldap and using ldap for authenticating shares as windows users
ask for those shares to be mounted to their workstations. What I
want is for the initial ctl-alt-del login to authenticate through
samba to ldap. It looked like pGina could do this without the
samba layer in the middle, but I'm not able to get pGina to work.
The program keeps complaining with the ldap plugin that it is not
able to authenticate to ldap.

I don't mind which way this works, either windows->samba->ldap or

Any suggestions on what to try next, how to setup samba, or how to
fix pGina?


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