[Samba] Clarifying how permissions work

Miguel Da Silva - Servicio de Informática cibonato at fcien.edu.uy
Mon Aug 7 12:31:37 GMT 2006

On Sun,  6 Aug 2006 19:34:36 -0500
tim at qfoke.com wrote:

> Just one question for you all.
> Am I correct in assuming that Samba file permissions are linked to Linux?  As
> in, I create a home directory called /home/user.  The directory /home is
> shared.  If I set the owner of the 'user' directory to the user called 'user',
> and changed the file permissions to 700, that would mean only 'user' and 'root'
> would be able to access that directory from a Windows PC?
> Cheers.
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That's right, no matters if you share the directory /home/user or not.

The share have to be available to the user through Samba and to access the share correctly the Linux permissions have to be those whose permit the access through Linux system normally.


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