[Samba] UPDATED!! Problem with PRODUCTION machine, please respond quickly!!

S. J. van Harmelen sander.vanharmelen at isp.solcon.nl
Mon Aug 7 08:05:46 GMT 2006

Dear Samba guru's…

Regarding my problem:

I have a problem when I try to remove some files on a samba share… I see
this in my samba.log:

[2006/08/04 10:58:55, 1]
  store_inheritance_attribute: Error Permission denied

I think the problem has something to do with inheriting rights (as the
error above suggests).

Our provisioning system uses a set of scripts to provide webspace and
set Frontpage Server Extentions for IIS customers. Just before trying to
delete some files (which gives an error) another script comes by to set
some rights. This is when the above error is logged!

Our provisioning system worked great for a while, but since we had a
major crash (hardware related) last week this changed.

Now I'm thinking realy hard what might have been changed since then. All
I can come up with is that we mounted with user_xattr support (before we
only had acl support). 

We where planning to enable user_xattr for a number of reasons, but
didn't got to it yet. When everything was down anyway, we decided the
enable this wright away (thinking it should have absolutely no impact).

Where we wrong about this? Could it be that since we turned user_xattr
on, the acl inheritance isn't working like it did before? Or do I have
to put some extra parameters in the smb.conf to get it to work now?

We use Samba 3.0.21b-1 which is a member of a W2K3 AD domain by the way.

Hope someone can help…


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