[Samba] Re: Lost All Win95 connections to Samba

Douglas D Germann Sr 76066.515 at CompuServe.com
Fri Aug 4 22:29:54 GMT 2006

<<Gary Dale <garydale <at> torfree.net> writes:
> I'm wondering at this point about the difference in the handling of 
> DNS/WINS between Win95 and WinXP. Normally, XP is the fussier of the 
> two, but ...
> With a separate switch and router, and a router normally providing DNS 
> services, perhaps you are having a problem in that area. You can ping 
> google, presumably from the name and not the ip address, so your DNS is 
> likely working.
> It appears your switch is working. You can ping between stations OK.
> You may need WINS services running to get Win95 to connect to Samba 
> properly. That's what I'd concentrate on.


Thanks, especially for your reasoning through this for me.

I am wondering if my local computer hardware dealer and repair folks
might be able to test the switch and router to see if there are problems.

Yes, I did ping google from the name.

OK, I'll go look for a howto on WINS and see what that takes. Perhaps it is
just a Synaptic install.

In the meantime, does it make sense that it needs WINS if it just stopped
working one night? Now granted it has only been on this server for about 2-3 

Before that I had another server, an older red hat 9.0 box. Maybe I could try
getting that box back up and running and see if Win95 can still connect to it.

Thanks, Gary!

:- Doug.

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