[Samba] Problem with PRODUCTION machine, please respond quickly!!

Sander van Harmelen sander.vanharmelen at isp.solcon.nl
Fri Aug 4 09:29:39 GMT 2006

Dear Samba guru...


I have a problem when I try to remove some files on a samba share... I
see this in my samba.log:


[2006/08/04 10:58:55, 1]

  store_inheritance_attribute: Error Permission denied


But I'm the owner of the file?!


We use Samba 3.0.21b-1 which is a member of a W2K3 AD domain. This has
worked before, so don't know what I'm doing wrong.


Only thing changed is we recently mounted with user_xattr support, but
when I do a mount -o remount,rw,acl so that the extra option user_xattr
disappears, the problem doesn't go away...


Hope someone can help...



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