[Samba] Issues getting started with samba4 from samba3

John Mason jmason at lim.com
Thu Aug 3 12:43:18 GMT 2006

I've been working with Samba 3 (default from FC5 install) for a little bit but I wasn't too happy with profiles, logon scripts etc. as I need a PDC. So I checked out Samba 4 and have been trying to get started. I finally got swat working... as well as swat is working now.
But how can I look at, modify, add, delete, etc. to the database? I configured the server with no additional options before I made it. 
I used the provision script from the howto.txt I found in the cvs I checked out... but sometimes it fails, and sometimes it doesn't. So how do I get some of the torture tests, or any tests for that matter, to work so that I can know that I've begun to set it up correctly?

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