[Samba] Re: Issues with cifs mounts following Samba upgrade to 3.0.23a

Damian Sinclair ngresponses at btinternet.com
Tue Aug 1 20:18:42 GMT 2006

Jeremy Allison <jra <at> samba.org> writes:
> Well it can't have been that big of a problem, as no one tested it .
> Jeremy.

 I guess there's a bit of concern that this problem will cause a fair number of
systems to stop working in a way that isn't entirely easy to diagnose or
resolve, so causing a lot of frustration. I have no idea how the community
handles issues like these, but have the samba team notified the relevant
repository and distro managers about the bug?

 Anyway, if anyone wants to apply the source branch fix as I have, I made some
notes about building it for my FC4 machine on my blog at
http://manwiththebones.dyndns.org/wordpress/?p=117. I offer no warranty, but it
might save someone some time.

 Damian Sinclair

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