[Samba] win 2000 domain clients and samba 2.2.7a Suse

"Daniel Müller" danielmueller9 at gmx.net
Tue Aug 1 16:38:21 GMT 2006

I have a win 2000 domain with 5 XP SP2 clients logging on to that domain.Let`s say Domain A
In my network there is another domain, a samba 2.2.7a Suse, running.Let`s say Domain B.
There are different Shares on this Domain B which belong to the Domain Users A (the same username and password on Domain A and B). 
Now first after booting the System and logging in the Domain A the Xp Clients Domain A can suscsessful establish their connection to their Shares on Samba Domain B and work with their files as usual.But after a few hours the connection is rejected with a alert box:"for some security reason"..."or the share was not found"...And the connection is gone.Only after a reboot the XP Clients Domain A can work as usual with their shares
on Domain B
HOw can I fix this?
Does anyone have the same Problem?

Thanks in Advance

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