[Samba] Authentication problems

Gururajan Ramachandran gramacha at nyx.net
Thu Apr 27 16:52:50 GMT 2006

I am attempting to replace an existing PDC with a Samba3 PDC. I used the 
50 users smb.conf from the "by example" book and added blank entries for 
"login path" and "login homes" to use local profiles only. The existing 
PDC is a Win2K server ADS domain PDC so I can not use the migration 

I created the smbpasswd and created the users in both smbpasswd and 

I had to change the hostname and IP address of the Samba3 PDC. I heeded 
the warning in the docs and restored the previous SID via "net 

When I attempt to define a connection via "net use J: \\domain\machine 
/persistent:no", I am asked for an username and then a password. Even when 
I enter correct username and password, I get "System error 1326".

The new domain has the same domainname as the old and the same host PDC 
name as the old.

Is there such a thing as machine SID in Samba3? "net getlocalsid" gets the 
domain SID, correct?

Would just joining the Samba3 domain by the win2k machine enable me 
to do the connections mentioned above.

Or are some of the other example smb.conf files better option for a small 



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