[Samba] Re: quota on xfs on lvm doesn't work(?)

Christoph Peus cp at uni-wh.de
Tue Apr 25 07:52:56 GMT 2006

James Peach wrote:

>>But to make it short: it turns out now that the problem disappears, when
>>I use the "real" device of the logical volume (/dev/mapper/export-lvol0)
>>in the mount command instead of the symbolic link /dev/export/lvol0 ->
> yay! nice work!
>>Is this a bug or a feature? Looks like a bug to me...
> sure smells like a bug (somewhere) to me ...

Question is: where? I would like to track this down just to protect 
numerous other users to stumble over this. (When I was searching for a 
solution for this problem I found a lot of similar reports - without 
solution. In general it ends up with a handmade script for "dfree 
command =".)
Who should look at this? The LVM guys?


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