[Samba] samba cannot find renamed cups server

Francis Strickland francis.strickland at mercyships.org.uk
Mon Apr 24 09:55:35 GMT 2006


We have just recast the IP addresses on our network, moving them from a
public address range to a 192.168... range behind NAT.

We use samba 3.0.10-1.4E.6 and cups 1.16 on Redhat ELS4 all running on the
same machine.  

In changing the network addresses the internal domain names have also
changed from "name.domain.org.uk" to "name.uk.domain.org".

The server also runs a caching DNS for the internal network. Dig <new server
name> gives the correct new address for the new server name.

The problem is that when starting up samba is trying to find the cups server
at the old domain name which it seems to have cached somewhere and then of
course failing to enumerate the printer shares.

Smbd.log shows the following

[2006/04/24 09:00:58, 0] printing/print_cups.c:cups_printer_fn(94)
  Unable to connect to CUPS server auckland.mercyships.org.uk - Connection
timed out 

The correct server name is now auckland.uk.mercyships.org.

Cupsd.conf has the correct new domain name for the servername (trying to
change this to "localhost" or an explicit IP address has no effect.

Can anyone tell me where samba is finding the old domain name for the cups

Ashley Strickland
IT Services,  Mercy Ships UK
Tel: +44 (0)1438 347496

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