[Samba] Browsing problem

Bokodi László boki at pillerkft.hu
Thu Apr 20 17:20:32 GMT 2006



I have a problem with browsing, (maybe not problem, but i can't configure it successfully)


I have two subnets:


A                                                         B

------------------------                                   --------------------------- |                                  | 

                        |------- Firewall/Router-----|                          

Two Win2k3 DC|           (dhcp relay)       | Samba 3.0.21b (Debian)  

(dhcp,dns)        |                                   | Win XP

------------------------.                                  ---------------------------


I have configured the SAMBA to use AD authenticaton perfectly, but I'm in trouble with the Browsing List.

In the subnet B, I have an XP, and i can't browse computers in Subnet A after started nmbd. If I don't start nmbd the local master browser is the XP and I can see other computers of Subnet A.


Firewall accept SMB connections between subnets. I tried to start samba with local master and prefferred master option, but

It wasn't succesfull. I don't want to use WINS.


Can you help me resolve this problem?



Thanks a lot!




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