[Samba] Oplocks break and no route to host problems

xavier x.poirier at free.fr
Tue Apr 18 21:48:42 GMT 2006

Thanks Volker,

I've tried this day to put veto oplocks in (global) section onto .DAT 
and .POL files
and into netlogon and profiles section I've put : "locking = No"
seems better in my logs now.
I just still have antothers little pb. that I will post a mail in this 
list next to this one.


Volker Lendecke a écrit :
> On Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 01:44:31PM +0200, xavier wrote:
>> I' m experiencing many problems with oplocks break failure and Error: no 
>> route to host.essentialy onto \profiles dir and \netlogon dir.
>> So My clients cannot update many files on the SAMBA/PDC and cannot read 
>> the NTconfig.pol file to update their policies.
>> I have many PC that are old computers with Win2k and have an Antivirus 
>> and are slower machines ...
>> This problem less occurs on newer machines.
>> I have seen searching the web that I may disable oplock (oplock = False) 
>> into the smb.conf and "level 2 oplock" too.
>> I don' t now if my default configuration have this parameter set cause I 
>> don't see it into my smb.conf.
>> But perhaps I can play with a delay parameter that I could but bigger, 
>> is it possible ?
> The only thing that makes sense here is to completely
> disable oplocks, although this does not solve your real
> problem.
> 99% this is your network, maybe some broken switch, more
> likely problems with network card drivers either on clients
> or the server.
> Volker

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