[Samba] hardware to use with samba?????

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Fri Apr 14 18:08:16 GMT 2006

Mazen Ghalayini wrote:

>if you are to build a samba file server what hardware would you pick? does samba benifit from dual core, or dual processors or even quad? also does it benifit from memory? and how does it benifit from memory? more ram is better for samba? any ideas here?
Like any file server, you'd want the fastest drives available, which
means SCSI, put into a RAID array. Beyond that, more memory allows for
more caching. Processor speed is not a huge concern unless you're
running gigabit Ethernet, in which case you may need a fast processor
just to be able to pump the data into the pipe.

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