[Samba] smbspool and printing

jbuburuz at sce.carleton.ca jbuburuz at sce.carleton.ca
Wed Apr 12 15:04:29 GMT 2006

Hi Folks,

Just looking for a little direction here.

1) windows ADS server with printers.
2) linux workstations which use smb to authenticate users to win ADS
server, and auto mounts there home directories through smb.

Printing from linux workstation?

I know I can use smbspool to print, but this requires user password. Can I
automate this so there is no need for password? Because the users  have
authenticated to windows server and thay have access to there files
through smb mount.

So can I do something like this.

Currently when a user logs in I have this:

smb://win3kADSserver/home/user /homes

Now can I add something like this:

smb://win3kADSserver/printers /somewhere

Now point cups at this /somewhere/laser-jet...? Or do something else with

Just a note, the win3k server is running a lexmark accounting package,
therefore I need the users to print as their user name, and not as guest
for example.

As well to note I have seen where user name and password get embedded into
printers.conf/printcap file using smb to print, but I cannot have this. I
have a multi user system, and I do not want to restart lpd/cups everytime
a user logs in. Plus I don't like the fact that there is a passwd in a
clear text file, although only readable by root or sys group, this is not
a solution to me.

Any thoughts,


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