[Samba] 3.0.22 [Printing, CUPS] share names mixed up due description field?

Leroy van Logchem Leroy.vanLogchem at wldelft.nl
Wed Apr 12 14:54:04 GMT 2006

Best Samba-list,

This message is about a reproducable problem regarding Samba printing
using cups.
Expected results: Print shares should match the CUPS defined configuration.
Results              : 1st Print shares get mixed up: "the sharename
becomes the Comment"
                       2nd Print shares are missing

We pin-pointed one possible source of the problem down to the
Description field of lpadmin.
(it seems related to the length of the description not the contents of
the field)
How we add printers:
# lpadmin -p $printername -E -v socket://$printername -m raw -D
"$description" -L "$location" )

So far we found one workaround by using the same description for all 64

Best regards,
Leroy and Paul @ WL - The Netherlands

System details:
OS - RedHat Enterprise 4U2 32-bit running on Intel
Samba 3.0.22 compiled from source with cups support
Vendor supplied CUPS ( cups-1.1.22-0.rc1.9.8 )

Example one "mixing the shares up":
hk0oce1|Printer abc:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk0oce1:
hk1cls1|Another label:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk1cls1:
hk1oce1|Something 123:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk1oce1:
hk3las1|Just another printer:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk3las1:
etc etc. till 64 printers...

Example two "Now it works"
hk0oce1|Printer at:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk0oce1:
hk1cls1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk1cls1:
hk1oce1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk1oce1:
hk2oce2|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk2oce2:
hk3las1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk3las1:
hk3occ1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk3occ1:
hk3oce1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk3oce1:
hk4las1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk4las1:
etc etc. till 64 printers...

Partial smb.conf:
comment         = All Printers
path            = /drbd/lphost/spool
browseable      = yes
guest ok        = yes
writable        = no
printable       = yes

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